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Becoming an Employer of Choice



Is your company an Employer of Choice? Do people want to work for your company? How do you become an Employer of Choice? Give Your Human Resource, Mike Miles, a call or email him.  I can work with you to become that company.


  • Do your employees love to work for your company?

  • Are employees deeply engaged?

  • Are employees' full potential being realized?

  • Are communications open, honest, positive and


  • Are people proactive and see, own, and act on problems
     quickly and efficiently?

  • Are truth telling and risk taking encouraged and rewarded?

  • Is there a high level of cooperation and collaboration?

  • Are people respectful and seek to bring out the best in
     each other?

  • Do employees have energy and passion?

  • Do employees trust and respect their managers and feel valued and supported?

  • Are your leaders trusted and respected?

  • Are employees treated fairly?

  • Are employees regularly rewarded and recognized for good performance?

  • Are there opportunities for growth and development?

  • Are employees encouraged to contribute and make a difference?

  • Are employees proud to work for your organization?

  • Would your employees recommend your company to their friends as a good place to work?


Your Human Resource, Mike Miles can help you to assess your strengths, and work with you to build on areas of deficit to become the employer that people want to work for.

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