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HR Basics

Improving your human resources program improves both the performance of your workforce and your bottom line.

Mike Miles can help you right away. He is Your Human Resource.

Human Resource Program Assessment

Is your Human Resource Program comprehensive? Are you in full compliance with state and federal laws and regulations?


A. A review of modest scope will assess recordkeeping, check required documents and posters and notices, review your Personnel Handbook and present written findings.


B. In addition to the above, a review by Your Human Resource of broader scope will include employment files, recruitment processes, onboarding processes, job descriptions, HR forms, cash compensation, insurance and retirement benefits, time off benefits, required reporting, performance management, employee status, and service recognition, with written findings.


C. For the broadest review, Your Human Resource will do all of the above, and in addition look at employee relations, disciplinary process, organizational culture, and make recommendations based on best practice for your organization size and type.


Personnel Handbook

Your Human Resource can draft a Personnel Handbook, or update an existing one to assure that it is understandable to employees and meets legal requirements. Handbooks are not “one-size-fits-all” documents. A handbook is an expression of your organization’s values, and how you like to do business.  Our work together will ensure that your handbook works for your organization, and reflects your values and unique culture.

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Job Descriptions

When was the last time you felt confident that your job descriptions were accurate and informative? I can help you to write comprehensive job descriptions that accurately describe jobs.


Recruitment and Retention

Are you hiring the best people available?  Are you keeping them?  Do you find that your process is not resulting in the quality staff that you desire?


If not, I can help you design a recruitment and hiring process that will identify the right people to hire.  I will help you to figure out where to advertise, how to write ads, how to review resumes, how to design the right questions, how to assess candidates, and how to conduct background checks.  Or I can do any of these things for you, at a cost that is far less than an employment agency.


Onboarding and Orientation Programs

Do you have a carefully considered way of bringing people into your organization so that they are introduced to a ton of information without overload?


How people are introduced to your organization and to the work at the beginning can have a profound impact on their productivity, satisfaction, and retention. Your Human Resource can help you design an onboarding program that works by ensuring that expectations are clarified, information is communicated with clarity, and new employees feel welcomed.

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Insurance Benefit Design

I can help you choose health, dental, life, disability, and other types of insurances, combine them with flexible spending accounts, Health Reimbursement Accounts, or Health Savings accounts - with the best benefits available given your budget - and introduce them to your employees.


Salary and Benefit Surveys

Do you know how competitive your wage, salary, and benefits programs are? I can help you find existing Salary and Benefit Surveys that shed useful light on the matter, or develop a custom survey.


Workplace Investigations


From time to time, every employer needs someone from outside the organization to conduct an investigation, usually about alleged employee misconduct, often about employee conflicts. I can do this at a fraction of the cost of hiring a lawyer, and often with significantly more experience.


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