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Let's talk about increasing Workforce Productivity



Does it sometimes feel like you and your employees are rowing in different directions? Mike Miles, Your Human Resource, has years of experience managing Human Resources. He has probably seen and resolved most of the productivity issues that you are concerned about. Call him at 207-699-8252 or email him to schedule a free consultation.


Here are some of the areas Mike can help you with:


Workforce Retention


Do you find that your workforce turnover is concerning? Do you find that when turnover happens, it is your best employees, not your worst, who are leaving? Turnover happens for a host of reasons, and Your Human Resource can help you figure out both why it is happening, and help you devise strategies to turn it around.


Performance Management


Your Human Resource can help you design and implement performance evaluation tools and feedback processes that communicate your appreciation of employees, and help them to build needed skills. As important, we can work with your employees and supervisors to build skills in making the process work utilizing tools such as 360-degree feedback systems and Myers Briggs assessments.


Do you have difficult employees who bring you to your wits end? Do you have employees whose performance is below par, and you are not sure what to do?  I can help you to turn deficient performance around, or, failing that, to move people out of your organization with minimal legal risk.


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Creating a Culture of Excellence


Does your workplace culture support performance excellence? Can you claim customer service excellence? Your Human Resource can work with you to assess how well your Human Resource program is designed to support excellence.


Labor Relations


Do you have a union and need some help in managing Union Relations?  Or are you non-union, and committed to remaining non-union? Your Human Resource can give you a hand in both arenas.


Employee Recognition


Are your employees given powerful recognition for their contributions?  Your Human Resource can help you to design both service recognition programs that reward long service, and perhaps more important, recognition programs that recognize service excellence.


Employee Training


Do you have in place mandated workplace trainings on Sexual Harassment, Video-Display Terminals, OSHA, or other industry-specific topics? Are you doing formalized training on topics that will help your workforce perform at a higher level? Your Human Resource can help identify mandated trainings for your business, and can help design and even present those trainings. We can also help design and offer other training to meet your needs.


Diversity Training


Is your workplace diverse by race, gender, national origin, age or other factors that may be meaningful to you?  Do your clients or customers want to work with a company more competent in working with diverse populations?  I have been a Diversity Trainer for more than a decade, have written road maps for organizations to become more diverse and multi-culturally competent, and have strong relationships across multicultural communities.


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